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**New Ruby News digest of the most interesting post for September so you don’t miss anything:

In this article, the author explains how to use magic dashboards to help monitor and resolve performance issues within a Ruby on Rails application.

ActionController::Parameters.to_h will now receive a block just like Hash#to_h and achieve parity. This gives the ability to customize the way parameters are passed to the controller.

Rails ActiveRecord select method adds the ability to use a hash with columns and aliases inside the select method keeping it similar to the where clause.

ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#select adds support for hash values in Rails 7.1.

Binary columns now behave like other column types with default values in SQLite.

In this article, an author will explain how to export user data as a CSV file and attach it to an email or just upload it to ActiveStorage and S3.

A quick introduction to a few of the most used array methods in Ruby.

How to include Linting and Auto-formatting in your Ruby project and configure it so that its output matches your expectations.

In Rails 7.1 the implementation of in_batches method has improved to give optimized results for whole table iterations. In this article, we will see how it has improved.

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