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New Ruby News digest of the most interesting post for October so you don’t miss anything:

This post will focus on the higher-level aspects of applying the component approach when building view layers inside modern Rails applications. You’ll learn why this approach is a great alternative to building single-page applications.

Some best practices and examine various tips and tricks and you’ll learn how to bend view components to your will.

Generators are a powerful feature you can use to automate routine tasks in Rails—but do you know how to make your own? This article explores Rails generators in depth, including how to build a generator from scratch.

Content Security Policy - a handy mechanism that can protect our app from XSS attacks. It’s not Rails-specific, it can (or even should) be implemented in every web application but Rails provides great helpers to make implementation even easier.

The In-depth Guide to Caching ActiveRecord SQL Queries in Rails.

In this post, the author explains how to set up TailwindCSS and esbuild on Rails 7.

Ruby is an elegant and dynamic language. A simple topic about how to extract a Substring from an existing String in Ruby.

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