Ruby News 07 December, 2022 | 05:00:00 UTC (+0000)
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New Ruby News digest of the most interesting post for November so you don’t miss anything:

SQLite can be configured to be strict to circumvent some of its quirks. Rails can now specify this in the default database.yml file.

In this article, the author explains how to write Neovim plugins with Ruby.

A simple way to add debugging shortcuts to the project without modifying the codebase shared with other team members.

An ActiveRecord query by default uses the SELECT * operator to select all the fields from the result set. The ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#select method allows you to select a subset of fields from the result set.

Some strategies you can use to scale Ruby on Rails applications to a huge user base.

How to use the Bitly Ruby gem to use the Bitly API in your Ruby applications.

In this article, the author will describe his efforts to implement a faster interpreter for CRuby, the Ruby language interpreter, using a dynamically specialized internal representation (IR).

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