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New Ruby News digest of the most interesting posts for May so you don’t miss anything:

In this post, the author shows Small Rails design patterns with Significant Impact.

Ruby arrays offer a rich set of behaviors to help you solve a wide variety of problems. In this post we look at two different ways of evaluating available combinations from any array-of-arrays.

Discover how method lookup works in Ruby, including inheritance, mixins using include, prepend, and extend, and the super method.

How throw-catch works in Ruby with practical, real-world examples, including their usage by the Warden gem.

In this post, the author will share the motivation behind building RailsGraph and his experience utilising the gem to overcome challenges and enable his team to successfully deliver with confidence on a complex data migration project.

A few Ruby gems and best practices that you can use to stay on top of your security, reliability, and stability needs.

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